Long-Term Impacts of a Catastrophic Injury

July 30, 2022
By Clawson Fargnoli Utsey, LLC

Living with the after-effects of a catastrophic injury can be challenging, and they are usually life-altering. Part of a healthy recovery process from a devastating injury is accepting the changes to your daily lifestyle and coping with the idea of having to do certain things in a new way. Although this may be frustrating initially, it isn’t always bad. Some victims of catastrophic injury even consider it a new way of life.

Looking Long-Term

Life after a catastrophic injury can include many new things, depending on the injuries sustained. Standard long-term effects of these types of injuries typically include:

  • Mental Disabilities – If your injury causes damage to the brain, the survivor will likely experience various mental or mental health disabilities. Injuries such as TBI can leave victims suffering from anxiety and depression, memory loss, and mood swings.
  • Physical Disabilities – Catastrophic injuries are likely to cause severe and obvious physical symptoms and disabilities ranging from amputation to a loss in the mobility of particular body parts. When suffering injuries as extensive as these it’s familiar for the victim process to overcome and adjust to being the most challenging part of the accident’s aftermath
  • Financial Hardships – Long-term medical care and treatments can be extremely pricey, especially for individuals who can no longer work because of the damage from the accident. In situations like this, it is common to see medical debt begin to form.
  • Employment Struggle – Often, people who suffer from catastrophic injuries find out they have to face unexpected struggles at work. Victims may not be able to complete their duties as they did before, and nothing can fix it.

Contact an Attorney

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