How Much Will My Catastrophic Injury Cost?

July 31, 2022
By Clawson Fargnoli Utsey, LLC

Unlike most types of personal injury claims, because of the severity, the total damages are not as easy to determine for catastrophic injuries. For these specific types of injuries, other factors account for your typical medical cost or lost wages. When calculating the damages a victim deserves after suffering a catastrophic injury, there are two additional major factors must also be taken into account:

  1. Non-Economic Damages

It’s hard to put a fair price on a victim’s pain and suffering, especially when they may be facing adverse consequences for the rest of their life. Usually, to generate a fair amount for non-economic damages is totaling the economic damages calculated and multiplying that amount by a number that seems “fair.”

Less severe injuries are typically multiplied by lower numbers, whereas injuries with significantly more damage could be multiplied by 10, 12, or even 20 times the calculated amount.

  1. Loss of Enjoyment of Life & Other Serious Issues

By definition, to be classified as a catastrophic injury, the victim must develop a lifelong disability or condition that immediately jeopardizes the life of the injured. Damage to the brain, spinal cord, and even burn injuries are all likely to impact the victim’s life after the accident permanently.

Contact A Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been suffering from a catastrophic injury, you may be owed financial compensation. It is always beneficial to consider working with an attorney as they will be a valuable resource to your case. Attorneys have far more experience in dealing with legal matters like yours, so they can ensure a complete understanding of your case details and what to do to receive the most compensation possible.

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