Holiday Driving Dangers: What You Need to Know

October 26, 2021
By Clawson Fargnoli Utsey, LLC

The last three months of the year bring numerous holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. While these should be joyous and fun times, they often lead to several dangers resulting in the most catastrophic injuries.

If you intend to partake in any of these holidays and the celebrations that come with them, it’s crucial to recognize some of the dangers you may encounter. Below, we will discuss the negligent acts to watch out for and how to stay safe.

Drunk Driving Increase

Because the holidays are celebratory times, many people drink and party with their loved ones. Unfortunately, drinking also translates to drunk driving, and there are significantly more fatal crashes involving alcohol around the holidays. Drunk driving accidents can cause lifelong injuries in head-on, rear-end, and T-bone collisions.

Fatigued Drivers

More celebrations can result in tired drivers on the road. As drivers spend late nights with their loved ones, they get behind the wheel with very little sleep. Even just a few hours without sleep can have the same effects on a person as drunk driving.

Distracted Driving

Many drivers use GPS or text friends as they are on their way to celebrate. Distractions of any kind can cause a crash, but they become a significant danger once someone looks away from the road. Distracted drivers often swerve into other lanes, brake erratically, and run red lights.

Hazardous Weather Conditions

When weather worsens, rain or snow falls, and many drivers don’t know how to react. People must drive safe for conditions. Even posted speed limits may be too fast for terrible weather conditions, and it’s vital to pay close attention to the road when the weather worsens.

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