Photo of bat hanging upside down from tree

Rabies Exposure in Downtown Charleston Results in $67,000 Settlement

Clawson Fargnoli recently settled a rabies exposure case for $67,000. Our clients had rented a home in downtown Charleston that suffered from a bat infestation, which the property owner and property manager were unable to successfully control. After being exposed to multiple live and dead bats over the course of several weeks, DHEC recommended that the family receive prophylactic rabies injections. After pre-suit negotiations with the insurance adjuster were unproductive, we filed suit and were able to negotiate a fair settlement shortly thereafter.  Not every case results in a seven figure recovery, but all of our clients are important to us and we’re proud to have helped this family recoup their medical expenses, moving expenses and recover for their pain and suffering.  Think of Clawson Fargnoli for life altering personal injury and death cases across the state, including rabies exposure claims.